Tree Delivery Team Expectations

  1. You will want to meet at Toyota of Muncie by 9:00 am
  2. You will want to only spend around 30 minutes travel and setup time per family to stay on schedule.
  3. You will be serving these families and Have Fun doing it.
  4. Call your assigned families ahead of time to let them know that you are coming.
  5. Setting up the trees at each house
  6. Say a prayer with the family around the tree
  7. Let them know that the presents are coming if they aren't already there
  8. Thank them for allowing you to help them out.
  9. Move on to the next family

Finish and Return to Toyota of Muncie by 4:00 pm

Things To Accomplish as Team Leader

  1. You will want to recruit 4 more team members to help you deliver the trees.
  2. Look for an email in November for confirmation of your responsibilities
  3. Print off these Tree Delivery Instructions for yourself.
  4. Have Fun!!!

In-Kind Donations For Shopping Teams

  • If you and/or members of your team would like to donate in-kind products to this year's recipient families, please bring Fabric Softener.
  • There will be donation trucks at the entrances of Toyota and Meijer where you can place your in-kind donations prior to the start of your shift.