Our Story - Secret Families Christmas Charity's History

December 2004, Chris (my wife) and I decided to not buy presents for each other for Christmas and use the money to provide a family in need with a tree and presents for the holidays. Two tables setup in the garage, Chris and my two daughters, Katie and Maddie, a couple of Santa hats, some wrapping paper and bows and the story is started.

As the presents are being wrapped, my brother-in-law arriving for Christmas with the family, inquires about what we are doing. Within the hour, his credit card in hand and girls in the van at 11pm we are headed back to Meijer to buy for a second family that I was given to fund. God is Good!

The name and secret part of Secret Families came from a friend that suggested the name based upon what I told him my family was going to do this Christmas. He asked that I use some money that he gave me to sponsor a family in need, but keep it a "Secret".

Our families come exclusively from local school principals throughout Delaware and surrounding counties (Indiana). We ask the principals for recommendations of families that are in the greatest need and they have always come through over the years. Thank you!

Al Holdren - Co-Founder and President

History of Secret Famililies Christmas Charity

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