Sponsoring a Family

How Have People Sponsored Families in the Past?

  • Write a check to Secret Families
  • Organizing fundraisers throughout the year
  • Engaging your family to co-sponsor a family
  • Neighbors coming together to sponsor a family
  • Husbands and wives sponsoring a family instead of giving gifts to each other
  • Companies giving instead of employee gifts or customer trinkets

How Much Does it Cost to Sponsor a Family?

  • $550 is all it takes to sponsor a family
  • This will provide:
    • Christmas Tree & Decorations
    • Presents for "All" of the family - We include parents
    • $50 Meijer Gift Card for Christmas Dinner
    • Bible
  • Donations of various amounts are accepted annually and are always welcome

How can you help out?

  • Visit our Donation Page and make a contribution
  • Go to our Contact Page and volunteer for a specific job
  • Ask me to come speak to your church, at your place of work or your service organization
  • Feel free to Contact Us about any other ideas you have to help make our organization grow.

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